Milled slabs for sale at a variety of sizes, excellent for anyone wanting to build character tables, bar tops, bench seats, kitchen bench tops, etc. They vary in price depending on dimensions.




Timber Scene Ltd have a Peterson 10in portable saw mill capable of high production, accurate cutting which maximises your recovery rate of sawn timber. The mill can cut up to 1.5m diameter and 10m in length

We can cut anything from sleepers to beams, boards to slabs. We custom cut to whatever dimensions you desire. From one tree to many trees we aim to please! Every milling job has many variables that affect milling prices so it is best to make contact for a free no obligation quote.


The portable mill utilises a massive 72in slabber attachment, which will cut a maximum width of 1.5m slabs at various lengths and with track extensions can cut up to 10m. Timber slabs are ideal and well sought after and often a deteriorated log can make a beautiful and interesting slab with the unusual characteristics of the wood due to bark inclusions, rot, grain, and live edges which turns the unsightly log into valuable timber to be used for rustic tables, bench tops, bar tops, and whatever else you desire.


From big to small wood splitting jobs, we offer a wood splitting service using our hydraulic wood splitter from $80hr + GST with a minimum of 2 hrs charged. For larger wood splitting jobs more than 1 day, the rate is negotiable. We also sell firewood when in stock, usually in the months leading into winter but be quick as once winter arrives it sells out pretty fast! Give us a call to see if we can help with any of your firewood needs.


Timber Scene Ltd is registered with the Ministry For Primary Industries (MPI) to mill native timber, registration number 01/0047. 

All sawmills that mill native timber must be registered with MPI in accordance with the Forests Act 1949 and The Forestry (Indigenous Timber Milling) Regulations 1993.

A registered sawmill may mill any native timber for which an approval has been granted through MPI.

If you have native timber you would like milled give us a call to apply for a milling statement to have the native timber milled.

Please note, it is an application to have native timber milled not to gain consent to fell.

For more detailed info please follow the link below

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